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Lumbini festival 2018 in 2018 ยป   30 April

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Celebrated In: India
Celebrated By: (Buddha)

The Lumbini festival that is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh is a perfect representation of the Buddhist culture. This festival forms the right arena for explaining about the ancient and wealthy history of Buddhist heritage. this can be a pageant that is conducted per annum throughout the month of December. It goes on for three days and provides a detailed explanation of the practices and lifestyle of the Buddhists who lived around 2000 years agone. The tourism department of Andhra Pradesh takes full ownership of conducting and organizing this festival. The highly renowned Nagarjunasagar Dam is the venue where this festival is conducted. therefore this festival attracts millions of visitors every year. the entire dam is illuminated during the festival thereby exuding a very positive and exuberant look.

The festival is named Lumbini, because that was the place where the great Gautam Buddha was born. Since the Buddhist population in the state is not huge, the andhra pradesh government organizes this festival every year for three days in order that everyone will perceive and appreciate the teachings and philosophies of Lord Buddha. Buddha became famous for his teachings on peace, prosperity and considered desire as the root reason for all evil. This festival attracts tourists from all over the world who flock in huge numbers to get a feel about the Buddhism way of life.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh organises lots of festivals and art festivals all these 3 days with lots of fervour, festivity and joy. different activities, plays, role play, theatre presentations etc. that reflects the authentic Buddhist culture is performed on all these 3 days. This festive occasion kindles the joy and curiosity of tourists from at intervals Asian country and abroad. Every year, during the month of december, Hyderabad witnesses the biggest Buddhist population during these 3 days. The nearby country of sri lanka is dominated by Buddhist population. Therefore, one can get to see several Sri Lankans in this festival.


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